Spur making how to make one piece spurs

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney Here is a video clip that shows you how to make one piece spurs using a car axle for the material.  This steel is high carbon and is pretty tough to work with as you can see in the video but it will make a pair of spurs that will last for years and hold their shape.  A spur that holds it shape and does not bend is what a working cowboy needs.  This is the process the old time bit and spur makers used to make their handmade spurs because they were good … [Read more...]

Bit Making How to Make Handmade Horse Bits Part 4 Engraving Silver

Engraving is kind of the reward when you get to the end of a project like this. This bit represents a couple of days of work going at it pretty steady and I usually wait until the next day to the engraving just to let my nerves settle down a little bit I can do a much better job if I'm not under pressure to get something like this finished like this project. I like to use GRS engraving tools and gravers my engraving machine is a older model called the GraverMate the newer model is called a … [Read more...]

Brazing Steel

Brazing Steel with Bruce Cheaney The two pieces of metal I used are actually scrap pieces of a car axle that I made a pair of custom spurs out of which is a high carbon steel. The brazing alloy I used for this demonstration is made by The Harris Products Group and can be found at most any welding supply. I purchase my welding supplies here in town at Schad & Pulte Welding Supply - Gainesville, Texas. Brazing is a metal-joining process whereby a filler metal is heated above melting … [Read more...]

How to Silver Solder Steel

Learn how to silver solder steel to steel using Harris silver solder from The Harris Products Group, Mason Ohio. These products can be purchased at most any welding supply store. The silver solder used in this demonstration is Safety-Silv 45% 1/16" diameter wire and the flux is Stay-Silv white Brazing Flux also made by the Harris Company. … [Read more...]