Spur Making Supplies

Spur Making Supplies for making Handmade Spurs

A few supplies you will need for spur making are steel for the heel bands and steel for theSpur Making Supplies Anvil Stump 320X300 Spur Making Supplies spur shanks as well as the steel for the spur rowels all three of these metals need to be different thicknesses. Heel band steel needs to be 5/32″ to 3/16″ thick with the 3/16″ being my preference because it will hold up to hard everyday use for the working cowboy or horse trainer.

The thickness of the spur shank needs to be 1/2″ this thickness holds up good and by the time you get the shanks welded onto the heel band and then blend the welds with a grinder and then a belt sander you still have enough metal to have a rugged pair of spurs.

Spur rowels can be cut out of several different types of steel, mild steel is the easiest to work especially if you are hand cutting the rowels a good thickness for spur rowels is 1/8″ another metal that can be used for spur rowels is 1095 tool steel that can be picked up or order from knife making supply houses such as Jantz Supply, Davis Oklahoma, The thing about 1095 tool steel is that it can be easily heat treated and tempered so that the rowels will have a nice ring to them. After you scribe you rowel pattern onto the steel it is a good idea to go ahead and drill the hole in the center of the rowel because the more you work the 1095 steel the harder it gets.

Another idea for spur rowel material is a plow disc this material is a little harder to work because it is heat treated and is very hard and will have to be softened before it can be drilled. A method for softening is as follows cut out several round disc slightly larger than your spur rowel pattern with a cutting torch and remove some of the slag then heat to cherry red color with your heating tip on your acetylene torch rig then bury it a bag of lime and let it cool very slowly for several hours preferably overnight then you should be able to drill a hole in the plow disc material and make your spur rowels.

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Spur Buttons for handmade spurs and spur making.

Spur Making Supplies